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Pavel Poley

The last years developing apps for the Android platform (Java & Kotlin), 15+ Apps developed from scratch and released in Google play, most successful with over 300,000

I Worked on various apps, including camera2 API, custom views, maps, audio stream, widgets, dark-theme purchases\subscriptions, sensors, REST API, SQLite, Realm DB + platform, Firebase Realtime | Firestore | Storage | Authentication.

I Strive to write clean, readable, reusable code, implement design patterns and design principles, familiar with MVP, MVVM, Clean Architecture.

Framework stack🧱: RxJava, Coroutines, Retrofit, Dagger, Koin, Moxy (MVP), Room, Architecture Components. 

Simple Checklist Notes Keeper

Simple yet effective checklist notes app allows you to create notes, daily checklists, and to-do lists with images and links. You can also make use of an in-app note editor to customize each note.

KITCHENPAL: Pantry + Recipes

Responsible for taking control over existing complex codebase with 100,000+ users, adding new features and api's and fixing bugs.

KitchenPal is the only pantry manager, grocery list, product comparison, and recipe ideas app, all rolled into one. The app learns and provides suggestions the more you use it, just like a personal assistant.

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Food List Tracking & Shopping

This application allows you to track your food supplies at home, keep an eye on expiration dates of products, use the shopping list to replenish your stock of food.
Scan barcodes to speed up your work.
Get notifications before expiration date and never waste your food.
Access on any of your Android devices and share the list with your family.

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Stock and inventory simple

Responsible for converting complex SQLite based app (Stock and inventory) to NoSQL Realm database with cloud synchronization and implementing multi user concept.


TouringBee Audio Guide

- Audio playback
- Works offline
- GPS, map and routing

Stories about sighting spots and major attractions in a new city.
TouringBee audio tours cover major cities in Asia or Europe


Paris Tour Guide

- Offline MapBox map

- SQLite database

- Complex queries, searching filtering and sorting

- APK extension

- Part of project

Client review:

"A highly qualified developer, responsible person with a good communication. Thanks for the work!"

live soccer.png

Soccer Notifications

- Foreground service
- Notifications
- Complex real time data management 

- Support all Chinese locales 

- Monthly paid subscriptions

- Free trial period

Client review:

“He is helpful and capable. I strongly recommend him to all of you. He always tried to solve all the problems and never find excuses. He is perfect and high skill developer. I feel lucky to meet him and let him complete my app. I definitely will hire him again.”


Pets Adoption App (creator)

My Android "pet project" that has been grown to iOS and web version and has more than 300,000 downloads.

- RecycleView feed with multiple view types and horizonal scrolling

- Phone authentication

- Google map API

- Google places API

- Image Push notifications

- Firebase database


Venice Tour Guide

- Offline MapBox map
- Local SQLite database
- Complex queries, searching filtering and sorting
- APK extension


Fitness App (over 200,000 downloads)

- Jump detections with accelerometer sensor
- Google in App billing
- Daily custom notifications
- Realm database

- Sync with Google Fit


IONTB News App

Local news App in USA

- REST API with WP V2 (wordpress)

- Report events from users with images

- Helper App for push notifications with Image without Firebase              console

- Official website

Client review:

"He understands both the app development and the user experience aspect of app design" - Steven Hirschfield


Memory Game

- Firebase database
- Social login Facebook/Google+


Success Stories App

- AWS parse server

- Text editor

- Text To Speech

- Users login



- Text To Speech

iPhone 6-7-8 – 2.png

Amsterdam Tour Guide

- Offline MapBox map
- SQLite database
- Complex queries, searching filtering and sorting
- APK extension

- Part of project

Client review:

"Pavel is a responsible and professional Android developer, provided high quality result in a short time." - Anton Eregin

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